Activity Studio 2013


Activity Studio, Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles


Activity Studio 2013

Welcome to the Activity Studio! Here visitors of all ages can increase their textile knowledge by playing games, answering questions, and touching objects similar to the ones shown in the galleries upstairs.

There are variety of activities available in the Activity room 2013, listed below

1. Dress the Dolls in Thai Style!

visitors are invited to dress dolls in Thai ladies’ costumes from various periods including the 8 styles created by HM Queen Sirikit as well as men’s costumes for various occasions. Through this, visitors will learn the similarities and differences between the costumes of each period and contemporary dress. As the dolls’ costumes and jewelry are made of flexible magnet sheet, visitors can move them to the magnetic board and use them to dress the dolls as they please.

2. Game “What’s inside the box” is a quiz game that tests visitors’ general knowledge about textiles, raw materials and tools in all 8 quiz boxes to find the answer to the question of what’s in each of the boxes.

3. Imagine wearing colors matched to each day of the week!, visitors can dress themselves in traditional dress according to the auspicious colors of the days detailed in the memoirs of Princess Chongchitrathanom Diskul. Traditionally, Thai women wear sabai (shoulder cloth) and chong kraben (wrapped pantaloons) while Thai men wear chong kraben. Visitors can have fun with the various props and pose for photos against the beautiful scenery provided by the studio.

4. Textile Pattern Stamps

 inspired by the patterns found on Thai textiles such as mat mii, phrae wa, phaa yok, chok, khit, and Hill Tribe textiles. Participants can use rubber stamps provided by the studio to create their own patterns on card stock to take home as a souvenir from the museum.